Erin Crawford

This is my story: By Erin Crawford

When I first heard about Alliance House, I told my parents that I did not want to go there, I was scared. They said to me, “go check it out” and “see what it all about”. So I went with them and they got me a tour at the Alliance house. I was scared for a few days, then I met some people they were just like me and I made some friends there. After a few months, I knew all about the Alliance House and now I have been here for 2 years and I love it. It helps me get out of bed and be with other people and do activities on Thursday and 2 times during the month on Saturday. Now I am the clubhouse rep and I help with donations. I also help in the kitchen, with shopping, and grocery lists. This is the best place I have been to.

My mom helped me all my life. She’s been there for me. I wanted to thank her.

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Tracy Allen’s Clubhouse provides the Keys to the Future

  • All through my childhood, I struggled with dark and lonely days. My depression left me in a downward spiral, leaving me with nothing but fear. Everything I did, see, and hear constantly scared me. With my PTSD I was stuck in the middle of a nightmare
  • Locked up in my head, I was completely numb. Everything inside of me was dead with no feelings and no life, with no future, my home (shelter) was a dark echoing cave.
  • I would hibernate by closing my eyes and curling up in a ball – from crippling flashbacks; this was going on every frightening hour.
  • In my preteens I was introduced to drugs
  • Unfortunately I slipped even further and got more stuck in my mental illness.
  • Later on in the following months, I became caught up in theft and vandalism. I was feeling suicidal even started cutting. I trusted no one. Thinking everyone was out to hurt me.
  • I was living with Mother at the time but because of my poor choices I could no longer live with her.
  • I received emergency housing. Although I was grateful for a roof over my head I still struggled to pay bills and buy groceries.  I didn’t have the skills to understand or keep a budget so I had to have my mother be my representative payee
  • Thankfully, soon after getting emergency housing I was able to receive housing through HUD. I was able to move into the cozy apartment I have today.
  • One day in 2007 a nurse at Valley Behavioral Health suggested I check out a place called Alliance House
  • I went to orientation at Alliance House and that day I was able to open my eyes and ears a bit for the first time.
  • I finally found hope – the kind of hope I only heard some people say, but never really felt. I came by the next day still a bit in my shell and a nervous wreck, for I hadn’t experienced this aspect of mental health services before. Through working with members and staff (even if for short periods of time), I started building confidence, self-esteem and friendships.
  • Approximately six months later, I started to become comfortable with people and learned how to trust. With the support of members and staff – I have learned many new tools like:
    • Sobriety and wellness
    • Social and behavioral skills with the support of my Clubhouse community.
    • I felt confident enough to try a transitional employment job in the community
    • I worked with staff to find ways to improve my reading comprehension despite my learning disability
    • I have been given peer leadership and mentoring opportunities through Alliance House
    • And I even got a chance of a lifetime to attend a Clubhouse Conference in Hawaii


‘Alliance House not only can provide actual keys for housing which is the reason why many of us are here today but for me it has provided the keys I needed for my future.’

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Member Story from Michael Grant

I have come from a well understanding of mental health awareness in my early youth; feather more in my early twenty. Around that time, was when I heard and started to come and attend to Alliance House which would be back in late year of 2010. I had enrolled with getting my high school diploma within a year & it was awesome, because a lot of staffs & members along the side work and team together to get things going smooth. After I graduated, Transitional Employment was offering me to Jones Waldo, which was a great offer, but at that time I didn’t think it would suit me good. A few months passed by, then the University of Utah Transitional Employment was offered to me. It was a great job, because most times I would be outdoors which indeed is lovely. It was the right match for me. By all that reasoning Alliance House given me a states of clarity of knowledge by being a social accommodation of volunteer work in the clubhouse, which as getting to understand by other similarity of the varsity of managing job skills in which/or getting schooling to qualified to reach goals of careers.


Thank you my dearest friends at Alliance House.

Minty G. (Michael Grant)

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