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The Three Pillars of Alliance House

Success gradsAn individual with mental illness can have difficulties completing his or her education within mainstream education systems, which is why Alliance House helps its members complete various levels of education, from a high school diploma to a college degree. For high school education, Alliance House, in partnership with Horizonte School, an alternative high school education program of the Salt Lake City School District, provides classes to members to help them complete their high school degree. An Alliance House high school graduation event is celebrated spring. For members who wish to complete college courses and work toward a college degree, Alliance House provides Group Education room copy

mentoring and tutoring to its members in a supportive environment to give each member the best opportunity to achieve their higher education goals.

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Alliance House provides a friendly, confidential atmosphere where Members can receive one-on-one support to increase their reading skills at their own speed.
High School Diploma Program Alliance House is a satellite site for Horizonte Instruction & Training Center in Salt Lake City School District. An instructor visits weekly to evaluate progress towards the 24 credits. Members earn high school credits by working one-on-one with tutors.

  • Salt Lake City alternative high school education programsSome unique aspects of our program are:
  • Low-stress environment
  • Self-paced
  • Tailored Curriculum
  • One-on-one support
  • Full cap and gown graduation ceremony

The GED (General Educational Development) consists of five subject tests. It is equivalent to a high school diploma, but can be achieved more quickly. Alliance House provides full support including practice materials, tutoring, and advice on scheduling, test sites, and expenses.

Continuing Education
Alliance House supports members attending colleges, trade schools, and any other educational institution to:

  • Find the appropriate school
  • Apply
  • Secure funding
  • Go through the admissions process
  • Find Disability accommodations services
  • Explore campus
  • Secure Tutoring
  • Access A.H. computers
  • Tutors and Mentors

Members can strengthen their teaching and mentoring skills by pairing with a student as a mentor. We rely on Members’ knowledge in specific subjects to run the Education Program.

Business Unit

The Alliance House employment program supports members in finding employment in the community. When a member first starts at Alliance House and he or she is interested in employment, members are encouraged to get involved with the work of the clubhouse by preparing food, paying the bills, typing up house meeting notes, entering data and more. All of these activities help members gain vocational skills, which are transferable to work in the community. Once a member is ready for employment, three different programs are available:

Transitional employment: Allows Members to begin moving into independent employment in the community. Alliance House secures part-time jobs with local employers and selects members to work in the paid positions for six to nine months after which another member fills the position. If a member can’t make it to work on a day, an Alliance House staff will provide coverage that day.

Culinary copySupported employment: The position belongs to the Member who can keep it for as long as he or she is able. The clubhouse develops and maintains a relationship with the employer and assists with job site development and training. SE jobs may be full or part-time. The clubhouse does not provide employee absentee coverage to the employer.

Independent employment:  Staff assists members in finding independent employment by helping with job searches, resumes, applications, job skills, and interview skills. Alliance House staff supports the member in his or her desire to work independently, but takes no other role in the employer/employee relationship.

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Housing - Eccles

Nelson Eccles Housing

The Alliance House transitional housing program provides subsidized independent housing to qualified members, particularly those who are homeless. Members can utilize this housing while they work within Alliance House programs to reintegrate into regular life, expand their education and gain employment.

To be considered for housing, an Alliance House member completes an application and when an opening is available, everyone on the list is evaluated according to need – not as first-come first serve. Of primary consideration is whether a member is homeless (or has housing but in a dangerous situation), and how much they participate in Alliance House programs.

Staff and Members in the Business Unit assist Members in finding affordable housing, or subsidizes Members in Alliance House Housing, as available.  Alliance House has 29 housing units, all within walking distance of the clubhouse.  Nine units are owned by Alliance House, Inc.  Twenty units are run in partnership with Valley Behavioral Health. For further information, call 801 486-5012.

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Tenant Selection Guidelines:

1.  Tenant must have a primary diagnosis of chronic mental illness, actively involved in treatment with a mental health professional, and willing to take medications as directed.

Valley Villa

Valley Villa

2. Tenant must demonstrate active involvement at Alliance House. Is the Member active at Alliance House? How are their interactions with Members and staff?  Will AH housing help the member reach their educational and employment goals? Will Alliance House housing support help this Member progress in life?

3. Tenant must be an active client at an accredited mental health center or seeing a private psychiatrist so that emergency stabilization services are available to them.

4. Tenant must demonstrate necessary self-help skills, appropriate social behaviors and be capable of living in an apartment in the community without constant supervision.

1805 Housing

1805 Housing

5. Persons with a significant current history of alcoholism, drug abuse, violent behaviors and/or inappropriate sexual behaviors will not be considered for tenancy.

6. Tenant must we willing to accept terms of lease, lease modifications, addendums, and Community  Rules and Regulations as defined by Alliance House, Inc.

7. Persons who are homeless or at high risk of becoming homeless will assume a position at the top of the waiting list if other criteria are met.

8. Resident must be at least 18 years of age.

9. Consider how long each applicant has had their housing application in to the Selection Committee. How involved have they been for looking for other housing in the community?

Home Fund Criteria. Members and staff at Alliance House agree that the Home Funds should be reserved for currently occurring emergency or crisis situations, some of which may include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Homelessness due to illness
  • Dangerous or threatening situations
  • Waiting for SSI/SSDI income
  • Recent hospitalization
  • Eviction due to illness

Qualifications for the Selection Committee to initiate Applicant Review include:

  • Applicant has returned to Alliance House within one month of orientation
  • Must be an active Member of Alliance House
  • There must be NO recent drug or alcohol abuse
  • Staff has contacted case manager, therapist, or other qualified mental health care professional regarding the applicant
  • Appropriate references will be provided by the applicant to the satisfaction of the Selection Committee
  • Member applicant has been proved to have exhausted all other resources
  • Member applicant will furnish appropriate current proof of application to, or of existing employment, Medicaid or Social Security status

For more information, call the business unit at Alliance House, 801 486-5012.

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Good place when you feel out of place in the real world & suffering from your illness. Pace yourself and enjoy being part of the work order day. It brings you to your level of work, you are able to handle. TRY IT OUT SOME TIME, IT IS NICE TO SEE NEW FACES ! ! !

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Friendly caring people you want to help you be your best. They teach you the skills to be a productive member of society!

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