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The Alliance House Mission Is Simple:

Provide a supportive environment where adults with serious, persistent mental illness (SPMI) can rebuild their self-respect, dignity, and abilities through education, productive work, and meaningful relationships. We do this by helping Members complete educational goals, develop necessary work skills in order to return to productive employment in the community, and where needed, help Members find and secure affordable housing.

Alliance House – Serving Salt Lake City for 30 Years

Alliance House was founded in January 1987 by concerned parents of adults with severe mental illness. In partnership with Valley Mental Health, Alliance House provides a nonprofit “Clubhouse model” psychosocial program that takes place in a setting that is neither institution nor treatment center. Those Alliance House serves are considered Members, not clients or patients. The basis of Alliance House is our uniquely supportive and collaborative Clubhouse setting in which Members and staff work together in an atmosphere built on principles of mutual respect and caring.

Alliance House Member Services

size_550x415_Alliance_072 copyAs a means of fulfilling its mission, Alliance House establishes a regular work-ordered day for Members, who serve voluntarily. All Members are encouraged to assume a role in the daily functioning of the clubhouse as they work toward re-integration within the greater community. This includes participation in the areas of housing, education, Member services, colleague training, house maintenance, culinary services, securing employment, and even serving on the Alliance House Board of Directors and related committees.

By participating in the day-to-day operations of Alliance House within various Units, Members not only gain practical knowledge and skills, they experience the sense of accomplishment and increased self-esteem that comes with being active and productive Members of the organization, which in-turn expands to society at large. Hundreds of former Members of Alliance House have gone on to live independent, productive lives within Salt Lake City and other communities.

Alliance House Member Units

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Member Student Working copyThe Business Unit is responsible for a number of clerical duties and other activities. Side-by-side, Members and staff work on billing, accounting, distribution of mail, Quicken (checkbook computer program), Clubhouse Chronicle newsletters, greeting cards, outreach, organizing unit work, new Member orientation, facilitating tours, and Training Base. Computer, database, basic accounting and Development/fundraising skills are also taught in this unit.


Alliance House business unit - Salt Lake CityAlliance House and local employers co-partner to provide Members with employment opportunities, including Transitional Placements (TE), Supported Placements (SE), and Independent Employment positions.

Transitional Employment

The Transitional Employment Placement program allows Members to begin moving into independent employment in the community. Alliance House secures part-time jobs with local employers and selects an Alliance House Member to work in the paid position for six to nine months. At the end of that time, the Member rotates off the job and another Member fills the position. Alliance House staff placement managers provide on-the- job training and support, and even fill in when the Member is ill or must miss work. This model creates a win-win situation for both the Alliance House Member and the employer. Because of the strong motivation of Alliance House Members to succeed, it is not uncommon for an employer to offer a regular position to the Member once the TE placement period has expired. See current TE board (link to graphic with employer logos).

Supported Employment

An SE job is an employment opportunity that is not time-limited. The position belongs to the Member. There is a competitive element to the interview process. In SE the clubhouse develops and maintains a relationship with the employer and assists with jobsite development and training. SE jobs may be full or part-time. The clubhouse does not provide absence coverage.

Independent Employment

Staff assists Members in finding independent employment by helping with job searches, resumes, applications, job skills, and interview skills. However, independent employment is just that.  Alliance House staff may support the Member in his or her desire to work independently, but does not interfere with employer/employee relationship. The position belongs to the Member. These jobs may be full or part-time, temporary or permanent. Staff does not provide absence coverage.

Group Education room copyLiteracy 

Alliance House provides a friendly, confidential atmosphere where Members can receive one-on-one support to increase their reading skills at their own speed.

High School Diploma Program 

Alliance House is a satellite site for Horizonte Instruction & Training Center in Salt Lake City School District.  An instructor visits weekly to evaluate progress towards the 24 credits.  Members earn high school credits by working one-on-one with tutors.

Some unique aspects of our program are:

  • Low-stress environment
  • Self-paced
  • Tailored Curriculum
  • One-on-one support
  • Full cap and gown graduation ceremony


The GED (General Educational Development) consists of five subject tests.  It is equivalent to a high school diploma, but can be achieved more quickly. Alliance House provides full support including practice materials, tutoring, and advice on scheduling, test sites, and expenses.

Continuing Education

Alliance House supports members attending colleges, trade schools, and any other educational institution to:

  • Find the appropriate school
  • Apply
  • Secure funding
  • Go through the admissions process
  • Find Disability accommodations services
  • Explore campus
  • Secure Tutoring
  • Access A.H. computers

Tutors and Mentors

Members can strengthen their teaching and mentoring skills by pairing with a student as a mentor. We rely on Members’ knowledge in specific subjects to run the Education Program.

Culinary copyThe Alliance House dining room has a restaurant format.  Staff and Members prepare meals for up to 40 Member per day, charging a minimal fee for breakfast. Lunch costs $1.50, including milk or punch. In addition, the Culinary Unit prepares breakfast, staff and Members working together.

Member Working in Clubhouse Closet copyThe Clubhouse Closet is a thrift store within Alliance House, and is run by Members for Members. Clothing, shoes, books, DVD’s, and other items are donated to Alliance House. Those items are for sale in the Closet at very reasonable prices for Members, such as 50 cents for a sweater.  Members can find appropriate clothing that may be used for job interviews or work clothes, when a certain standard should be met.

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