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Alliance House


The Alliance House employment program supports Members in finding employment in the community. When a member first starts at Alliance House and they are interested in employment, members are encouraged to get involved with the work of the clubhouse by preparing food, paying the bills, typing up house meeting notes, entering data and more. All of these activities help members gain vocational skills, which are transferable to work in the community. Once a Member is ready for employment, three different programs are available:

Transitional employment: 

Allows Members to begin moving into independent employment in the community. Alliance House secures part-time jobs with local employers and selects members to work in the paid positions for six to nine months after which another member fills the position. If a Member can’t make it to work on a day, an Alliance House staff will provide coverage for that day.

Supported employment: The position belongs to the Member who can keep it for as long as he or she is able. The clubhouse develops and maintains a relationship with the employer and assists with job site development and training. SE jobs may be full or part-time. The clubhouse does not provide employee absentee coverage to the employer.

Independent employment:

Staff assists Members in finding independent employment by helping with job searches, resumes, applications, job skills, and interview skills. Alliance House staff supports the Member in his or her desire to work independently, but takes no other role in the employer/employee relationship.

Watch this video about Alliance House Employment

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