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The Three Pillars of Alliance House

An individual with mental illness can have difficulties completing his or her education within mainstream education systems, which is why Alliance House helps its members complete various levels of education, from a high school diploma to a college degree. For high school education, Alliance House, in partnership with Horizonte School, an alternative high school education program of the Salt Lake City School District, provides classes to members to help them complete their high school degree. An Alliance House high school graduation event is celebrated spring. For members who wish to complete college courses and work toward a college degree, Alliance House provides

mentoring and tutoring to its members in a supportive environment to give each member the best opportunity to achieve their higher education goals.

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Alliance House provides a friendly, confidential atmosphere where Members can receive one-on-one support to increase their reading skills at their own speed.
High School Diploma Program Alliance House is a satellite site for Horizonte Instruction & Training Center in Salt Lake City School District. An instructor visits weekly to evaluate progress towards the 24 credits. Members earn high school credits by working one-on-one with tutors.

  • Some unique aspects of our program are:

  • Low-stress environment

  • Self-paced

  • Tailored Curriculum

  • One-on-one support

  • Full cap and gown graduation ceremony

The GED (General Educational Development) consists of five subject tests. It is equivalent to a high school diploma, but can be achieved more quickly. Alliance House provides full support including practice materials, tutoring, and advice on scheduling, test sites, and expenses.

Continuing Education
Alliance House supports members attending colleges, trade schools, and any other educational institution to:

  • Find the appropriate school

  • Apply

  • Secure funding

  • Go through the admissions process

  • Find Disability accommodations services

  • Explore campus

  • Secure Tutoring

  • Access A.H. computers

  • Tutors and Mentors

Members can strengthen their teaching and mentoring skills by pairing with a student as a mentor. We rely on Members’ knowledge in specific subjects to run the Education Program.

Good place when you feel out of place in the real world & suffering from your illness. Pace yourself and enjoy being part of the work order day. It brings you to your level of work, you are able to handle. TRY IT OUT SOME TIME, IT IS NICE TO SEE NEW FACES ! ! !

Marci Logan


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