Rachael Giles


By Rachael Giles

In March of 2017 The Alliance House was proud to introduce the Labeled Film Festival. Labeled presented films from Au Contraire Film Festival based in Canada featuring films from all around the world. All the films highlighted different aspects of mental illness. Labeled began on March 23rd and ended on March 26th, covering a range of subjects and plots. Many of the films had a panel discussion with Alliance House members speaking about the topics at hand, as well as individuals from throughout the community and from our sponsors. Opening night took place at the Natural History Museum and the following nights were held at The Broadway Theater.

These films struck chords close to all our hearts and represented us as a Clubhouse. All of us can identify with one film or another and have all walked in the shoes of the featured characters. This film festival gives our clubhouse the opportunity to connect with the greater community on the subject of mental health. Film is a fantastic medium with which to touch the hearts of people with or without a mental illness. It allows us to communicate a difficult subject to the masses with a sense of grace.

We were thrilled to see many of our members as well as individuals throughout the community attend Labeled and take part in the greater conversation regarding mental health. We hope to see you all next year and hope these films touch your heart.

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