How I came to Alliance House by Kim Smith

Hello my name is Kim Smith I have been a member of Alliance House for almost a year now. When I first arrived at Alliance House for a walk-through and orientation I felt lost, alone and scared out of my wits. I eventually I found my place here and I now feel safe and accepted. Because of some past experiences which had the possibility of following me here to Utah I had difficulty finding a place to live. Within eight months I was offered and accepted nice and affordable housing right next door to Alliance House where I can feel safe. My goal in life has been to be my own independent boss and to run my own restaurant business and to help others like me. I enrolled in Spice Kitchen Incubator, a culinary art program, which teaches by example and instruction how to start a business, offers startup cost after completion of the program, as well as all the cooking and business skills necessary to run a restaurant. This includes advertising, balancing of books and ledgers and best start up practices. Alliance House continues to help others like me find themselves and their way in life. Alliance House has provided me with so much I can never repay. They have helped me with school, housing and an ability to feel safe and live on my own again.

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