My experiences with club house by Kyle Robinson

All my life I been dealing with autism and depression

And I have been in therapy since I was little. I was in special education for all of school. At the age of 18 my therapist at valley referred me to the Alliance House and I started going there. At first it was a little intimating and very hard and I was very shy too. But once I got to know the members and the staff members I made good friends with: Chuck, Betsy, Kent, Jen, Duncun, and Scot. And the staff I got to know and made real good friends with are Rebecca and Amber. I am 24 now and I am still going strong in the club house. There are great friends and a good support system.

I feel welcomed in to the community of the clubhouse.

They really support me in my time of need when I had my car accident and almost died. And they even support me in my 10 month recovery. And clubhouse helped me get my high school diploma. And even supported a motivated me to graduate and walk and get my diploma. I have been back a few months and doing good. And last year I met Wayne. Now after my recovery he is still my friend. And I am still hanging out with all my friends that I have known for a while. And still get along with Amber and Rebecca.

And hang and get to know the new director Leif and hang with Terry and our new staff Daniel. I am starting to get into my dream of writing books and writing my first book. And tons of people are supporting me in that, including clubhouse. My friend Wayne. And my new friend Honey is going to be my writing coach. I like club house because it is good for Support, Friendship, and the feeling of feeling wanted and not alone.

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