Kyle’s Story

Kyle Robinson’s Story:

I was crossing Redwood Road and I got hit by an oncoming car going 40 mph. I ran into her windshield head first and flew 70 feet and was unconscious. The woman stood by my side with 3 other witnesses until the cops came. The women’s name was Tracy. And they filled out a police report. The EMT got there and rushed me to IMC Hospital and when I got there I was in a coma. I was hooked up to life support. I broke a lot of bones and was in surgery for 12 hours. I shattered my leg, they had to put in a metal rod and some bolts and screws to fix it. I had a compound break on my arm, the bone was sticking out.

They had to put a metal plate and screws to put back in place. Then when I was out they put me in ICU. My whole family came to see me and every day and night my mom and my grandparents were there. I was in a coma for 2 weeks and they had to put in a trachea so I could breathe through my neck. Then I was transferred to Landmark Hospital where I started to get physical therapy (PT), occupational therapy (OT), and speech therapy (ST) every day. PT to get my legs and muscles stronger, OT gets me to re-learn tasks again. Speech therapy is to learn to speak again and work at swallowing. All my therapists were good to me and worked well with me. I also had a respiratory therapist who took care of my trachea and made sure I was breathing right.

He had to suction me to keep from choking on my spit and mucous. That means they had to shove a small tube-like thing down my throat hooked up to a basket to suction so I would not choke. It was not fun.  I wore a neck brace because I broke some bones in my neck. I was there for a few weeks. Then I was moved to a Care Center. They were not nice to me at all. They caused me to have a UTI and caused me to be dehydrated. I was there only for 2 weeks, then back to the ICU for 5 days.

Then I got sent to Hunter Hollow Care Center. They were much better. I stayed there until I was better. I was in their respiratory hall where a met a married couple named Leia and Paul that were respiratory therapists. They were great. I met another patient named Jen, she was great.

Then I started Occupational Therapy.  My therapist’s name was Cynthia, she was good as well. I also met my two speech therapists named Brook & Sarah. They were amazing. They helped me with talking and slowing down. I also had good doctors and nurses and some of their names were Domeras, Yonalen.

Finally I got the trachea out. Then I got sent to a regular hallway where I met the cool nurse Aj. He was a lot of fun. The aids were McKenzie, Samantha, Brandon, Katie.  And I still had therapy in the gym. I met a really cute girl named Shay (we’re just friends) and we started doing therapy together.

The feeding tube in my nose kept coming out and had to keep getting replaced. That was painful and no fun.

So then they said let’s put it in your stomach. And it made me sick until my body got used to it. They took my trachea out and that was a relief and I started to eat real food again and was on a normal diet. But I still had to thicken my drinks and that was not fun. And a few weeks later I got the feeding tube out for good. I started going to the bathroom on my own again. I could wheel myself around in a wheelchair and I got to go out once a week with my mom to the movies. It was fun. Then I started walking with a walker. Then I learned to do stairs again. Then the next week I went to Wendover with my mom. I saw Night Ranger in concert and it was fun. I did not have to thicken my drinks anymore.  Then I got to go to my high school graduation and walk with a walker and got my diploma. It was amazing. And then I could walk without a walker. Just use a walker sometimes.

I got back to normal after 10 months of recovery. Then I left Hunter Hollow and said goodbye to everyone and went to Provo Care Center and was there for 4 months. Now I’m back home with my mom in Taylorsville. And PT still comes to me twice a week. It’s nice to be home. No more hospital or care center. Back to my old life again with my freedom.

The end.


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