Standard of the Season

By Dunc Macdonald

This season’s standard is number nine: “Clubhouse staff are sufficient to engage the membership, yet few enough to make carrying out their responsibilities impossible without member involvement.”

I feel that this standard is one of those where we need to think about the intent of the standard rather than the word-by-word meaning.  The real intent is to ensure that members feel needed wanted and expected.   I love how that happens for so many members on a day-by-day basis.  For me, it’s doing the paper daily as well as accounting tasks for the Clubhouse.

I know that the standard talks about having the staff engage the members but in truth it should also be the older members and members that are around for meetings to include the new members and the stragglers that miss the meetings.  Whenever possible, I will ask for help with some parts of the paper daily.   I feel that every member can help the Clubhouse in some capacity.

This standard is also about allowing members to find their calling by trying out new projects with colleagues that have experience in that area of the day-by-day operation.  I wouldn’t of been reminded of my interest in accounting without the opportunities of reconciling the Clubhouse checkbook and other accounting projects around Alliance House.

I hope that this article enlightened you about this standard and that you will take this message to heart.

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