Standard of the Season

By Dunc Macdonald

This time I will be discussing Standard #11.   This standard reads:  Responsibility for the operation of the Clubhouse lies with the members and staff and ultimately with the Clubhouse director. Central to this responsibility is the engagement of members and staff in all aspects of Clubhouse operation.

I feel that this is one that we really need to adhere to.  It reminds us all that it doesn’t matter whether you are a member, staff or executive director we all share the same responsibility to the Clubhouse.  We’re all members of the Clubhouse.  This means that the work-ordered day needs to be focused on the work towards the operation of the Clubhouse.  At Alliance House, we are currently looking at personal use of the computers and how this affects the work-ordered day. As a Clubhouse we meet regularly in House and Policy Meetings to address issues relevant to the workings of the house.

The second sentence of this standard can’t be ignored. It is up to all of us to make sure that every member and staff member that wants to be engaged in the work of the Clubhouse is always given the opportunity to be given meaningful work of the house.  I want you to notice that I said both members and staff.   This means that veteran members need to try to head hunt for meaningful work for newer members as well as the staff members.  Veteran members are a key element in any Clubhouse.   They not only need to assist with teaching other members the projects and tricks on those projects and sometimes even staff members.  Another function of veteran members is to take the reins on projects that they already know and let the staff assist other members with the projects they are working on.

To sum things up, my point is that we all have the responsibility to keep the Clubhouse running no matter what type of member you are.

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