Wayne’s Member Story


I have been coming to clubhouse for about two years now.  My introduction to Alliance House was through a friend who was already a member.

I came at first expecting there to be nothing to do except the old model of an adult drop off center.  Boy was I ever wrong, much to my surprise. I found there was much to do, all of it was meaningful work not the usual adult make work of drop-in centers.

I have found much fulfillment: helping cook the meals; tutor students in math and science; or running and organizing the Clubhouse Closet.  Each of these activities has taught me things about myself and how to get along with others I work with.

At clubhouse there is no distinction as to who has what diagnosis or disability. We all work side by side as equals.  Some are talented in one area, some are talented in another; these are not barriers they are learning experiences.  We take these opportunities to make friends, strengthen our own resolve; this happens between both staff and members.

I have found not only a sense of belonging here at clubhouse; I have also found in a degree a sense of family.  I have gained people in my life I would have never met or been able to include in my circle of friends and family.

by Wayne


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