Welcome to our new staff!

For many months the Alliance House searched for the right fit in new staff members.  It was a long and arduous journey, yet one well worth traveling for we have found three gems to join us here as staff members.

First to join us was Heather in the beginning of September.  Before working here she was employed at Odyssey House where she worked with troubled children and “learned how to build patience.”  When asked why she chose the Business Unit she simply replied “because it’s awesome!”  She has a degree in psychology from the University of San Diego.

“I always enjoyed helping people but didn’t like the clinical side.”

Her goal in the Alliance House is “to be a helpful, positive staff member, to create a positive atmosphere.”  When introduced to the Clubhouse model she said,

“I like the equality and building relationships with people… you can do that better here than in a clinic… it’s a new way of healing.”

Some of Heather’s passions include running, hiking, biking, “anything outdoors,” playing the guitar and singing.

Following Heather, Rachel joined team Alliance House in late October.  When told she was going to be joining the Business Unit she enthusiastically agreed.  Before coming here she worked in a nursing home for individuals with Alzheimer’s where she learning “dealing with all kinds of people.”  She loves that she can joke around with members who have helped her train.

“I feel like the model makes a lot of sense and stands out against other models, it’s really unique.”

She wants to be a good generalist and “help people achieve their goals.”  Upon arriving here Rachel really enjoyed the sense of freedom and radical equality surrounding the Alliance House, something that can’t be found in a clinic.  She loves hiking, embroidery, cross stitch, old movies and cats.

On November 14, 2016 Daniel became our newest staff member to join us here.  He was extremely happy to work in the Career Development Unit due to his extensive experience in job hunting.

“When I first came to Salt Lake City I was a client of Valley Behavioral Health, so I’ve been on both sides of the organization.”

Previous to the Alliance House Daniel worked at both UNI and 5 West as a psychiatric technician where he learned verbal, nonverbal and paraverbal communication.  He says his goal starting out here is to “wrap my mind around how the whole thing works and its complexities.”  He enjoys our goals of “measurable outcomes,” to help people realize their immediate goals.  Having moved around a lot in his past he knows what it is to be the outsider and loves how everyone here has included him in everything and have been “super friendly.”

In his spare time Daniel loves to draw cartoons and things including magical realism and is learning to play the guitar.

Please help us welcome all of these new amazing staff members to our loving Clubhouse model with all of our enthusiasm and passion for achieving all our goals and working as one to better the life of individuals.  Let’s make these new staff members’ goals come to life within the Alliance House.

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