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Alliance House

The Alliance House transitional housing program provides subsidized independent housing to qualified members, particularly those who are homeless. Members can utilize this housing while they work within Alliance House programs to reintegrate into regular life, expand their education and gain employment.​


To be considered for housing, an Alliance House Member completes an application and when an opening is available, everyone on the list is evaluated according to need – not as first-come first serve. Of primary consideration is whether a member is homeless (or has housing but in a dangerous situation), and how much they participate in Alliance House programs.


Alliance House owns two properties that are exclusively for members:

  • 1736, next door to the clubhouse, is intended as transitional housing to help members get back on their feet and move onward to more permanent housing.




  •  1805, down the street from the clubhouse, is more permanent in its intention. Ultimately, Alliance House would like to tear down the property and rebuild to serve a greater number of members in a more modern building.



Watch this video about the Alliance House Housing program:

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