Becoming an
Alliance House Member

  • Alliance House requires a referral for all new members. To be eligible, the person must be over 18, have a diagnosed mental illness, and not be a safety concern to the general Clubhouse community.

  • The diagnosis must be an Axis 1 diagnosis.

  • We can accept people with Autism Spectrum disorders and Traumatic Brain Injuries as long as they also have an Axis 1 diagnosis.

  • The referral must be made by a medical professional: preferably a psychiatrist, psychologist, an APRN, or doctor.

  • A mental health evaluation and treatment plan are also required in each referral. A mental health evaluation is a form that speaks to the person’s family’s history, current symptoms, drug use, demographic information, etc. A treatment plan is a statement of what the potential member’s goals and plans are, and how they could benefit from Alliance House.


  • The process starts with completing the online referral form below? Click below to start the process. Once we obtain all necessary documentation, we will call the person to schedule a tour (this can be done in person or on Zoom). After the tour we will hold an orientation meeting on Wednesday from 11 am to 12 pm (on Zoom).


  • If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our Business Unit staff at 801-486-5012, or email us at Thanks!